VR Career Camps

At Next Steps, we believe in providing real-world experiences for our students to learn and develop from as young adults entering the workforce. Our VR Career Camps are specially designed to offer students the skills they need to flourish on their own.

What can students expect?
Our VR Career Camps are weeklong learning experiences featuring 30 hours of hands-on learning. We’ll be focusing on employability skills, soft skills, and independent living skills to hone our students’ talents and make sure that they’re adequately prepared for whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Field Experiences

When it comes to learning, we don’t just stay in the classroom. We’re proud to offer our students the chance to embark on field trips to do shadowing, engage directly with employers and interview HR Department Management.

What’s on the agenda?

Our VR Career Camps give students the opportunity to:
  • Learn interview skills and how to give proper introductions
  • Build a resume (that they will take with them upon completion)
  • Understand decision making processes, hygiene, and body language
  • Shadow at local and well-known companies, including Target, Publix, and more
  • Interview with management professionals from a variety of industry backgrounds
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of of safety, attendance, and punctuality in the workplace

Take An Inside Look

Disclaimer: Video produced during Covid-19 pandemic
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