A Little About Us…

We have been working with and serving people with disabilities for many years, and we take great pride in the quality of services we offer! As we have worked in many situations, we have seen that those with disabilities are left out of the workforce.

We have a clear awareness and alertness for the diversity of disabilities in our participants. Our experience combined with compassion benefits participants in the everyday challenges they encounter and makes us a valuable asset to both employers and participants.

Our Board of Directors is made up of people who have many years of experience assisting individuals with disabilities. They are passionate, hardworking, and committed to changing the lives of those who struggle just to navigate in life. They are eager to begin a program that will help the disabled to be more employable, successful, and independent in both their personal and working lives.

What We Have To Offer With OJT

Why Us?

  • 30 Years

    Our staff has over 30 years of combined experience working with people with disabilities.

  • High Quality

    Our Employment Specialists maintain a maximum caseload of 10 to 15 consumers to ensure high quality, participant-centered services.

  • Bi-lingual

    We have bi-lingual staff (Spanish-English and Creole-English) available to work with our Spanish, Creole, and English speaking participants.

  • Extended Services

    We are determined and committed to provide extended services to all Supported Employment consumers upon completion of 180-days of continuous employment for a year.

  • Always Available

    Our Employment Specialists, Job Coaches, and Program Manager are available always to assist consumers via phone, text, and email.

  • Offer Transportation

    Our Employment Specialists transport participants to their interviews to provide mock interview practice. If the participant prefers to meet the ES at the interview location or if they prefer to be transported by a special transportation vehicle, we also can assist them with directions.

  • FREE Sensitivity Training

    We offer FREE Sensitivity Trainings to all our employers to ensure consumers are working in an environment that is responsive to their specialized needs.

  • We Welcome Feedback

    We are always happy to hear your feedback!

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